Tuesday, June 01, 2010

mind clutter

Greetings Yoga Friends,

Today was a busy day. The kinda busy day where all day long you're puttin out little yoga fires.

First off the cleaners that were supposed to be at my house at 9:00 didn't show up. This was the very first time Andy and I have ever called extra help in. We're super excited to be hosting yogini/life coach extraordinaire, Grace. But that also meant that the big blue house really needed some love. So yes, first time calling in house cleaners....and they don't show. Hmmmm, is that a message I hear from the universe, "Dont be a lazy ass. Clean your house."

I call Andy explaining to him all the stuff I needed to do for work, and now we had to add cleaning the house to the list. Thank god Andy doesn't mind gettin' his hands dirty and cleaning house. He tells me to get rid of the dust (he's really allergic) and he'll do the rest.

I had two privates scheduled today and one group class. This morning somewhere between dusting and sweeping I realize that I've booked a private during the teen yoga class.

Run upstairs and email both privates. Try to re-schedule for earlier today and next week. Note to self....it may be time to start using the fancy software to book privates and such. So it tells me things when I'm not smart enough to know. :)

Back to cleaning and I get phone calls from two of our darling teachers that will need subs for today. Totally totally understand their reasons. Neither needed to be teaching today.

Run back upstairs to send an email to Jeanne (who is officially my angel at this point). Check in about book club date for June and subbing. She is totally on top of it. And she can sub not only one, but three classes this week. I **love** you Jeanne. (Pssst that's her above chillin' in Tulum).

Run errands to get some things for this week. Work a bit on the June newsletter. Get to studio. Somewhere between cleaning the studio, fixing student accounts, working on the newsletter, trying to find a sub for the Thursday morning class (which has now been cancelled for this week, fyi), locating/reviewing teaching notes for the final four days of yoga teacher training......

I got it....what some people experience much of the time.
The mental loops.
The mind clutter.
Racing thoughts.
Loss of focus.
Vata imbalance. Ick!

No fun.
Certainly not healthy.
Thank goodness Meredith brought has sun-shiny self to the studio. And well....she's just as good as a rainbow, as refreshing as they come.

And she brought me back two seashells from the west coast.

As she was starting her teen yoga class I excused myself to Starbucks for a latte AND a brownie. Yep, that's right. It was oooey goooey and delicious. I didn't have a journal on me but as I was leaving the studio I grabbed three sheets of blank paper.

As I ate and drank I folded my pieces of paper into a little book where I proceeded to make notes about myself like:

"I am sensitive. And tender too. I have to be careful because it's really easy for me to take on the pain and suffering of others. Not good. Not healthy for me. Must learn to be supportive...to the ones I love and to myself."

For nearly an hour I wrote.
For nearly an hour I got away from the to-do's, the tasks, and worries.

It was just what the yogic doctor ordered (so maybe she wouldn't have prescribed the brownie, but whatever). I went back to the studio with a smile on my face and excited to teach.

And guess what the theme of today's class was...
Yep, the mind clutter and how our practice is an invitation to be truly present, use our mind in a more healthy way, and go with the flow of life....even when the cleaners don't show up.

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I love Jeanne too!