Wednesday, June 30, 2010

slow down summer

How can it already be July? Dear sweet July, how did you come so quickly? This morning I was thinkin' about how terribly excited I am about going to Mexico for three whole weeks.

Three whole weeks.... Yip,Yip, Yooray!!

But you know what I find myself so very task oriented that the days just breeze on by. I complete one task. Then another. Then another.

Doing all the things I need to do before leaving the country for three whole weeks. Which makes me feel like I wish my life away. Like I'm not really present with what I'm doing at the moment.

Case in point, last week I retreated at a local b&b to get all my work completed for the upcoming training in Mexico. It felt so very great to be there with the intention of getting serious work done for this training. And it felt so very good to be there, to feel in the flow, to have uninterrupted time to devote to something that I loved working on.

I would stop and go out walk around the horse farm, hop over to my yoga mat and do some yoga, sit on the balcony and have a snack, talk to Andy. Then back to work. Happily back to work.

As soon as I finished it was on to do work for the upcoming retreat. Again super fun work. More goodness. More stuff that I love. But I'm getting the feeling that summer is slipping away and I want it to linger longer.

So rather than blame myself and my tendency to fill myself with stuff to do, I'm gonna cut myself some slack and think about ways to find more space in my life. And my planner too. Andy will be back in school shortly and summer will be over sooner rather than later.

Things I could do:
**Give myself a day or two between projects to not jump right into something new.

**Schedule play time into each day. I'm seeing a reoccurring theme of the importance of play for me. This could take form of a dance class, or dancing in my entry foyer, hula hooping (we do have some at the studio thanks to Lisa, playing a video game with Andy, using the fabulous Shift Deck from Grace, blowing bubbles, etc.

**Explore not talking work stuff with Andy, my family, and friends for a week and see how I feel afterwards....better or worse?

**Let the sand and sea work their magic while I'm in Mexico. To plan less, to play more. To sit with the mystery of life. Be open to magic.

Then summer might slow down.?
It might not.
But either way, maybe I'll be ok with it?

**No photo today. I'm on my "pink book" (netbook) at the hair salon. Gettin a cut and how some new hi-lights. That says summer, right

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