Friday, June 11, 2010

saying yes

I'm not sure where I first learned the idea of....
"Every time we say yes to something, we're saying no to something else." And vice versa.

I imagine that I really got the idea of this during those times of being really busy. Times of saying yes to so much, not really getting what I was saying no to at the time. If that makes any sense.

Teacher training just ended on Sunday. We met for four intense days straight. Plus Andy and I had company for five days. Even before the training had ended I had decided to go to Louisville to participate in a yoga workshop Friday and Saturday. Tracy was even going with me.

At one point during the weekend I told Andy of my intention. The one of going away for the night to a yoga workshop. Andy is always wonderfully supportive of me, my dreams, and the things I want to do. He looks at me and says, "Is that really what you're needing?"

Hmmmm, good question. I hadn't allowed myself the time or the space to think about that. The trouble with doing something that you love so very much (as in yoga) is that you just want to keep doing. Or I do anyway. That's my nature. I love to learn. I love to experience. And I felt like a great teacher was going to be close by (Doug Keller at Yoga East) and teaching on a topic I want to learn more about (yoga therapy).

I realized that he had a point. What I needed was to stay put. To let myself decompress. To take a yoga break of some sort.

That's what I did today....well a yoga break for me. And I've had such a fabulous day. I taught a private session this morning that felt really rewarding. A sweet yogini from my "neck of the woods". I was pretty amazed by the amount of body awareness she had, the grace she possessed in her practice, and the reason she was wanting to learn more about yoga....which was for a spiritual practice. And the bonus was she bought a house in Whiteburg AND met my brother Joel yesterday at Summit City. What a small world?

I got to enjoy an hour long yoga class at the studio taught by Lisa Miller. I was so happy to see the yoginis filing into the studio for class and I was looking forward practicing alongside them. Many times I find it a challenge to slide into student mode at the studio, but today it was so easy. The practice felt good. The space felt perfect. The students and the teacher....just perfect.

I left the studio to meet Sarah at Stella's. We had a great lunch then walked down the street to Cuppa for my first visit. Oh my....what a sweet place?! I loved every single thing about it. The paint, the decorations, the teacups you get to choose, the smell of the scones, the tea of course, and the delightful owner that was there. It's really clear that this is a place and a business close to her heart. I love when you can get that the moment you step into a place, a business. Sarah and I spent over two hours together catching up and talking about our upcoming retreat to Tulum. I'm so very excited that Sarah is coming along as an assistant for the retreat.

We talked about the teaching schedule, possible themes for the week, the needs of the group members, goodies and extras to take along, and of course the food, the treatments, and the general special-ness of Tulum. I so love that Sarah gets how special Tulum is to me. And how special Tulum is in general.

I come home and spend some time on our front porch reading over my materials for my Ayurveda training. I received my materials this week along with an email from my master teacher who is based out of CA. I've already dove into the textbook and started my homework. The chapter I'm reading now is on philosophy, and it's so juicy. I just love this stuff. This weekend I'll start making flashcards of all the Sanskrit words and phrases that are new to me. Feels good to be in student mode in this way. I have my first phone conversation with my teacher tomorrow at 3:00. Looking forward to that!

Andy and I decide to go to the Movie Tavern and see "The A Team." And guess what?! It was so good. Neither Andy nor I enjoy action flicks. But we both grew up watching The A Team. It was clever, funny, and exciting. I dined on the ALT (avocado, lettuce and tomato), laughed, and held hands with Andy. Plus Bradly Cooper is in it. Need I say more?

Now at the end of the day I find myself feeling so happy that I chose to say no to the workshop and yes to....
time at the studio teaching and practicing
time with Sarah
time with Ayurveda
and time with Andy.

So happy that my husband was brilliant enough to ask me, "Is that what you're needing?" Cause that question allowed me to stop and think about it. What I was most needing was to stay connected to the yogini, friend and wife within.

Have a happy happy weekend my friends. :)

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Jen said...

Great post! My husband introduced me to this concept; he uses the phrase "With every choice, there is a loss." It sounds negative, but it forces someone like me (who also says yes to a lot of things) to think about what I'm unconsciously saying "no" to. I love that you're strong enough to say no when you realize the choice doesn't fit anymore.