Monday, June 07, 2010

mind spill

I've got lots floating around on my mind. Things I want to think about, practice, and write about. This is a total spill. Stay with me if you can. Here goes:

I'm thinking about how yesterday my BF (as in best friend, not boyfriend as in Jon Bon Jovi)totally called me out about not posting on the blog since last Tuesday. "Geez, how am I supposed to get my enlightened moments?" Or something along those lines. I report back to her about the business and the mind clutter (which of course she already fully knows)

Which then led her to make a comment about she can tell when I'm posting just for the sake of posting. You know the posts that have absolutely no heart. No real meaning. There just there to occupy space. And to keep me from feeling like I'm slacking on the blogging job.

Which leads me to think about quantity vs. quality in blogging land. And where I fit in.

I'm thinking about the finale of our yoga teacher training. Meeting nearly 40 hours over the course of four days. I'm thinking about how far they've come in such a short amount of time. And how this training is over, but it's really just the beginning in so many ways. For them. For me.

Thinking about how it was them, and their joy in learning about yoga, and being a part of this group that inspired me to study Ayurveda.

I'm thinking about our emotional closing. How I cry each and every year at the closing. Something so bittersweet, so touching about these moments in a circle and acknowledging each other and the journey we've been on. Definitely thinking about the Mexican chocolate cake Jennifer made, the gift they shared and the sweet words written on a card. Reading what they wrote was so moving. Such kind words, addressed to me.

To which I shared with Liz and Tony. Tony reports that he wants to do something to help people. And Liz thinks it's a brilliant ego booster that should be placed on the fridge to see everyday.

I'm thinking about having Grace at my house and teaching at the studio. The odd chance that we were connected from here in KY all the way to CA with three connections between us.

Thinking about her work. And the amazing teacher that she is. Thinking about the one question I have that led me to Grace. Thinking about how happy I am that Andy could join in for one day of her sessions. And learn about ease and flow, playing the part of victim, villain, and hero. And the personas. Ahhh the personas. Who knew we had so many? I'm now identifying mine and giving them names.

Thinking about three weeks in Mexico. My moms first flight. The house we'll stay at on the beach of Tulum. The food we'll eat. The laughs we'll share. Thinking about the ten days I'll share with Andy in Mexico. Our first time together in Mexico since our honeymoon over nine years ago. Thinking about our plans to renew our vows next year for our 10th.

Thinking about how I've been wanting to grow my teaching, expand my teaching and attract people from different places. The people coming to retreat in Mexico from the studio, FL, CA, VA, and others. And the emails and calls that keep coming from people for the teacher training in Tulum. Canada, New Mexico, New York, cool.

Thinking about taking it a little easy and enjoying the summer. Sitting on my front porch. Cooking more. Thinking of celebrating our 100 year old house. Spending time with my family. Thinking of Liz and Tony's wedding. And the most beautiful wedding invitations I've ever seen that were made with hand. And heart. And the shoes for the dress.

Teaching. Reading. Studying. Writing.


How lucky I am.
And what a charmed life it is.

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