Wednesday, April 07, 2010

sports extravaganza

Wowsers, Andy and I had one fun, sports filled trip over the past few days! Here is a quick recap of my trip to Indy for yoga and sports fun:

Thursday: work/teach till 7:00, meet Sarah and we journey to Louisville to have dinner with best yoga bud Shelli. Decide to spend the night at Shelli's house and make an early start to Indianapolis for a daylong workshop with my yoga crush, Seane Corn.

Friday: Wake at 5:30 and make it just in time at 8:30 for the workshop to begin. Wasn't exactly sure what the workshop entailed. Knowing it was taught my Seane was so enough for me. It was titled The Three Realms of Consciousness and was held over the course of two days (we however only attended Friday). Bonus was that it was geared to teachers. Seane was great as I've come to expect, and to know. She just floors me every single time I'm around her. I'm not into guru's and bowing to the pretty feet of teachers. But I might think about it with her. ;) She totally inspires me and rocks my yoga world. And rocked my hammies she did. I hadn't had an active practice in almost two weeks (due to the icks) and body FELT it the next day.

Andy meets me at City Yoga at 5:30 and whisked me off to a most delicious Italian restaurant where we dines on appetizer, salad, bread, entree, and split dessert. I figured I deserved it after working so hard for Seane.

We arrive at our hotel on the north side of Indy (all downtown hotels were sold out even in Dec. when we made reservations due to Final Four). Unpack, chill, then I decide it would do my body good to sit in the hot tub. Felt oh so good to my very tired body.

Saturday: Wake and go have the best breakfast I've had in a while and definitely the most delicious coffee I've had a while too. Yumminess yogurt, granola, and fruit. Was fun seeing the fans of the college teams out and about. The crowd here was predominantly West Virginia. That made me happy, as that's the team I was cheering on for the tourney.

After a leisure breakfast we go next door to the bookstore. Yay for books! It was Borders and they had so many great books that I'd been wanting to order/buy. Cozied up in a chair with seven books to browse. Andy looks at me as if "oh great, she's gonna want to spend the day here." Sadly I could only get about an hour out of him. Purchased two new books and wrote the titles of the other five to order later. After hearing and reading about The Blueprint Cleanse, I got The 3 Day Cleanse to read during our trip. Cause you know, the books I'd brought wouldn't do. ;)

Make our way downtown and parking was surprisingly easy. We went to The Slippery Noodle, Indiana's oldest bar Andy informs me. He had been here before and really enjoys. It's a great big bar, with lots of rooms, nooks, and crannies. I rather enjoyed that. We found a place to sit next to a window....and far away from any Dukies. Enjoyed drinks, people watching, fan chanting, and such for a few hours until the first game.

You probably know the story from here. Butler and Duke win. Happy about the Butler win. Less than happy (ok terribly unhappy) about the Duke win. But oh well....there is always a new sporting event tomorrow. Andy is happy to "cheer for one of his teams." Arrive back at hotel at 12:30.

Sunday: Wake and leave by 8:30 for Chicago to watch a Blackhawks hockey know, one of Andy's teams. Go to Lincoln Park to lunch on yummy deliciousness deep dish pizza. We pass Lululemon on our way heart goes pitter patter. Said restaurant was closed for Easter. We pass a cute little place and decide to eat here. I have a black bean burger, fries, and a peanut butter shake as a bonus.

Little known fact about Andy is that he likes to get everywhere ridiculously early. And when it's a sporting event I can count on him wanting to arrive even earlier. And when it's HIS team....well yes, he wants to go even earlier.

I pout a teeny tiny but and convince him to take me back to Lululemon (cause you know the trip was all about him;). So very sad that it wasn't open yet. BooHoo. We pass a Starbucks just before the stadium and Andy thinks an iced mocha is just the thing to cheer me up. He's right. Thank you caffeine goodness.

The game is fun.
We cheer and high five.
Blackhawks win.
Thank you god. Andy is happy. :)

We journey back to Indianapolis. Arriving just after nine. Order Papa Johns pizza. It's not Chicago deep dish, but it will do.

Monday: Wake and check out of hotel by 9:00. There is a Trader Joes just down from our hotel and we go. Cause it's Trader Joes and I love it. Restock on car snacks and some things to bring home. Go about an hour south to Brown County, Indiana. Oh my, what a cute town. We eat lunch at Muddy Boots and I feel at immediately at home with Bluegrass music, mis-matched tables and chairs, and faux moonshine in the bathroom. :) Dined on soup and spinach salad.

Walked around and into shops. Bought a print by Kelly Rae Roberts. Just lover her stuff. Made our way back to Edinburgh to do a little outlet shopping. Discovered that Champion had one of my fave yoga tops. Went to purchase two, learned that I could save 40% off if I bought one more item. Decided to get another top to equal three. Now I have 4 of the same tops. A bit overkill? Perhaps, but I got my fave colors.

Check into new hotel. Rest for about an hour then go thirty miles north again for the game. Dined at a burrito place at the mall. It was so crowded. I was happy when Andy and I walked back to the convention center to find a much more quiet area. Thank god for introverted husbands, much like their introverted wives. I'm beginning to have my fill of crowds. And people in general.

One more game to go. And over 70,000 more people.

The Butler/Duke was so very exciting to watch. I have to admit that my fave part was cheering/booing Coach K. I know, terrible. What can I say? It's Duke.

We all know the outcome. Duke wins. Andy loves watching "One Shining Moment". We both decided the moment wasn't gonna be so shiny with a Duke win and bailed as soon as the game was over.

Arrive back at hotel after 1:00.

Wake at 8:00, eat breakfast, and dash hOMe.

Oh, home sweet home
how I've missed you.
And have you always been this quiet?
Thank you.


Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me in every way - Duke win and all. ;-)

Sharon Tessandori said...

Ahhhh, my friend Leigh Ann....the only great thing Duke has going for em'!