Wednesday, April 21, 2010

day 2 of spring cleanse

Day 2 was another successful day of yummy good for you eating. At least I felt it was yummy. Andy was a little less impressed with today's meals. But nonetheless he pulled through like a champ and is still on board. So proud of him! This is all a BIG stretch for him. So I'm just happy to have a cleansing buddy alongside me.

Andy's breakfast smoothie was banana and almond butter, with water as the liquid. He did however love this smoothie. He has now decided that this one was even better than the previous days and has proclaimed that he would like this one to now be his every day go to breakfast smoothie. I had a strawberry and mango smoothie with rice milk. It was de-lish. Even better than I was expecting.

Lunch was a lentil salad I had made the previous evening. I used green lentils, onions, garlic, roasted red peppers, walnuts,and olive oil. I loved the lentil salad. Did the thing where you're scraping all around the corners of your bowl to eat it all. Andy however did not love as much. He ate some and put the rest away stating that, "I might want to eat it tomorrow. I'm sure I'll love it when all I'm doing is drinking liquid." We'll see if he actually does that today. I don't think he will.

Snack was a Lara Bar for each of us. I have my fave peanut putter cookie. Andy had some coconut cream thingie. I also took an apple to the studio since I wouldn't be getting till almost 8:00. Surprisingly I felt great and didn't need the apple. I did have some hot decaf tea from Starbucks while the teen yoga class was going on at the studio. Green herabl teas are encouraged on this cleanse.

I got home and Andy was upset with our dog Bella. He was trying to get her to take her flea medicine. Had the tablet all wrapped up in a neat lil' piece of cheese. I guess she decided that she would cleanse too cause she wanted no part of it. Remy however eats his straight pill form. He will eat anything you throw to him. Andy was definitely losing his cool. It seemed urgent that she eat it then. I'm pretty certain the cleanse was not helping. I convince him that I will do it later (lucky for Bella and Andy). I had more important things to do. Like fix some dinner.

Dinner was a kale and avocado salad. Again, I thought it was great. Andy was less than impressed. I massaged olive oil and sea salt into the chopped kale then added lots of tomato, sun dried tomato and an avocado. I normally don't like kale straight up, usually choosing to juice it instead. But this was good. We also had a toasted piece of ezekiel bread.

Andy couldn't stomach the salad, he I suggested that he get something else to eat. He chose two more pieces of ezekiel bread toasted with almond butter. Thank god for the almond butter. I'm certain it got him through the day. That and the Blackhawks game he was excited to see.

After dinner I begin to prepare for the first official day of the cleanse. I make his green juice for the next morning (today) with spinach, kale, apples, cucumber, and lemon. I make two more smoothies for him also. Both are blackberry peach, rice milk at the liquid. It's been working out fine to make the smoothie the night before. I'd prefer to make the green juice totally fresh and have him drink it right away. But I don't want to get up at 6:00 in the morning. So we're trying this to see how it works.

I checked in with him at the end of the evening to see how he felt physically, energy level, emotions, intellect/focus, and happiness factor. A solid 3 for him for feeling good physically and energy level. A 2 for the other three.

I felt good yesterday. No headaches, body was good, energy level felt higher, still don't quite have the focus I'm desiring, emotions seem a little off, but feeling content.

I did get my 30 minute meditation in the morning and an hour long yoga practice. With all the cooking and juice/smoothie prep in the evening I didn't have time for the evening meditation. Completely ok with this. I'm finding that the prep work is like a whole baby itself. Preparing for two people is much more work than one I'm finding. Making some notes to make things a little easier next time.

Alrighty friend have a gllllorious day! Looks like it's gonna be a beautiful one here in central KY!

PS - pic was the fruit salad from day 1. Sadly my camera is broken now so I'm using my cell phone as needed. :)


Mia said...

Sharon, this is awesome! I still have not *dared* to go on a cleanse. I know I should try it at least once but I think I'm afraid of "failing".
PS: The banana and almond butter smoothie sounds delicious! I've been doing frozen banana, peanut butter, soy milk, honey, a pinch of cinnamon and cloves and it is AWESOME. I should try my almond butter in my smoothie tomorrow. :)

Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

food prep can become mindfulness meditation. :)