Thursday, April 22, 2010

it's called a deotx for a reason....did you think it was gonna be fun?

So clearly by the title you can see that the emotions were not totally stable yesterday. It was a bit of a roller coaster for me. The day started off beautifully. I woke at 6:45 naturally, quite a bit earlier as times when my alarm goes off at 7:30 I could still use a few more zzzz'sss. Started the day with shower, then meditation, and my first green juice of the day made with spinach, kale, cucumber, apple, and lemons.

Made a strawberry banana smoothie to have a bit later and put it in the fridge. It was so pretty yesterday. I decided to stroll down the street to CVS and get a few things for my upcoming trip to Kripalu.

As I was walking I had one of those special moments when life just feels full, and good, and you feel awake and alive. Yet nothing BIG or special is happening. As I walk I observe the green of the grass, a beautiful tree filled with pink blooms and a carpet of pink on the sidewalk. I hear my footsteps. This is true contentment, santosha in Sanskrit. In the moment I wished I had memorized these words by e.e cummings, cause they felt so appropriate:

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes.

I was really able to appreciate the moment for what it was without wanting it to be different, without wanting to hold onto to it. I breathed the moment in knowing that later in the day I would likely encounter hunger, thus resulting in crankiness.

Guess what? I was right! I had my smoothie just before I taught my noon class. I didn't have another drink prepared for myself and I wouldn't be leaving the studio till 6:00 after I taught another class. My plan was to go to Whole Foods and get a green juice to hold me off.

Guess what? They don't have a juice machine any longer. Or a smoothie bar. It's been replaced by the wine bar. I would have been fine with this notion had I not been cleansing.....and hungry. So I back track past all the goodies that delight my eyes at Whole Foods and make my way further down the way to the Co-op.

I try orderng a wheatgrass shot + 16 ounces of their green energizer. Hey I needed all the energy I could get. No wheatgrass. So green juice it was. All green juice. No fruit at all. Even I had a hard time drinking this one down.

But it did the trick. I felt better. Thankfully for the yogis in my 4:30 class right?

I arrive home around 6:30 to a super cranky husband. The one that was nausea and only looking at the green juice I had on reserve for him made him more nausea. Thankfully he had sliced a tiny bit of cucumber and had this. Poor thing, he ate only a sliver of cucumber. And that was a "treat". This sorta makes me chuckle as I type.

I'm trying to be positive about how great this "cleanse" is for us. Blah blah blah. He wants no part of it. I try to excite/entice him with a "yummy smoothie". At this point he could care less. I think I made pineapple blueberry. Even I'm getting confused with which smoothies we've had at this point.

I suggest we take our smoothies and our dogs for a walk to get our minds off of food. Well lets just say that the walk this time around was the complete opposite of the one earlier in the day. At one point in which I state "It's called a detox for a reason. Have you heard of detoxing as a pleasurable experience? Did you think it was gonna be fun?"

Ouch. We've moved from a "cleanse" which sounds so pure and so sweet to "detox"...not so pure, not so sweet.

Come home and we're out of rice milk. We will need the rice milk for tomorrow's smoothies. I go to Kroger. Grocery store number 3 for the day. What's with this? I've never been to the grocery store three times in one day. And here I am....while I'm cleansing.....errr I mean detoxing.

I depart with more rice milk, fresh pineapple, and two magazines. Body + Soul for me and Men's Health for Andy. He was happy when I brought the mag home. I would soon be making make raw chocolate milk. The world seemed good again.

The raw chocolate milk tasted reallllyyy good. Soaked raw cashews for about an hour then blended them with water, raw cocao powder, coconut oil, agave nectar, vanilla, and a dash of sea salt.

Yummy goodness. Happy Andy. Happy Sharon. The chocolate milk will last 5 days in the fridge so I put more cashews in to soak. Then took myself to soak in our big, old, bath tub with my magazine.

I made more raw chocolate milk and made Andy two more smoothies for the following day (today). I counted in the evening alone and I made 8 drinks. I could make a full time job of this. :)

Check in with Andy about his numbers for the day and we're back down to all 2's. I ask him, you think you were a 2 for emotions? He says no, probably not. Lets go for a 1.

All sarcasm aside, I see such value in these cleanses. I'll get to that soon enough, I'm sure.

Happy Thursday.
Happy Earth Day. I'm feeling quite connected to you this week. One of the valuables of the cleanse.

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Jeanne said...

I have to give Andy a BIG pat on the back for sticking this out with you. It's not easy to cleanse -- detox -- any time, but especially with someone who has done it before -- AND with someone who has smoothies and juices on a regular basis, if not all day for 3 days.

Andy, I give you a 5 for perserverance and for loving your mate so much to agree to cleanse with her.