Thursday, April 15, 2010

being knowing loving

Being, knowing, loving is a program that explains the three characteristics of life as described in the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas.

Sat, or the potency to be, is the energy that defines who we are, what is our individuality and is the very energy that causes us to exist.

Chit, or the potency of knowledge is our ability to know. To know who we are, what is the divine and what is our relationship with the divine.

Ananda is the pleasure potency. This is the happiness, bliss and the satisfaction we feel when connected in pure love.

At the early age of eleven, BV Vishnu Swami moved into a monastery in India to live the spiritual science of Bhakti Yoga and study the philosophy of the Vedas. Though still young, he is a senior monk andtravels the world sharing the secrets of unadulterated Love.He is a close and dedicated disciple of Tridandi Swami BV Narayana,the foremost teacher of Vaisnava philosophy in the world today.

Friday April 23 at 7:30
FREE, donations will be welcomed

Enjoy lecture by BV Vishnu Swami, Kirtana and Chanting of Mantra and Free Vegan food!
Do hope you can make it to this!!


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