Tuesday, May 13, 2008

michael franti

So I have a little yoga crush on Michael Franti. I can't believe that I didn't even know about him until I went to the Yoga Journal Conf. in San Francisco. Click here to see a portion of his performance in San Fran. Getting to see him was pretty amazing. He's energizing, optimistic, free spirited, AND he's a yogi.

"Everyday I set an intention before I practice," says Franti, "so I'm clearer in my focus of what I want to be doing and contributing to the world right now, and I really want to be the best communicator of peace and social justice and environmental justice that I can be. My yoga practice is part of me becoming that communicator."

Since discovering Michael, I bought his documentary "I Know I'm Not Alone" and when my cell phone rings, I get to hear him sing. Love to download new ringers. :-)

*Photo from Yoga Journal

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