Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dreamer, part II

Tonight I was reminded of how much I love the word, the thought, the idea of being a dreamer. I saw Leslie drive away after class tonight with a bumper sticker that read DREAMER. There was something else to it, but I couldn't read it. And all I really needed was that one little work to be like, "ahhhh".

I realize that some people totally don't relate to the idea of being a dreamer. It's as if it's a bad word, a word for those that simply lie around thinking about the things they'll do, but never following through. For me it's just the opposite. I think that all things begin with a teeny tiny dream. And it takes those with strength, willpower, and perseverance to make their teeny tiny dreams come true.

I realize now that for a few years I tried to push the dreamer in me aside. Most people that know me well know that I get tired and bored easily with things. Especially when I'm doing things that aren't on my terms. This all became clear when I worked my full time job in Texas. During the four years I was there, I was promoted twice. I had three different jobs in the time I was there. But I still found myself restless with what I was doing. Wanting to do more. Wanting to find a way to live more authentically and to share that with others. When I wasn't working I was reading about creating a life you love. I would dream about what I wanted to do, the places I'd travel to, and the experiences I'd have.

Luckily I didn't spend too many of my adult years muddling (if there is such a word) through all of this. Barefoot Works came to be and I have a whole new set of dreams.

I dream about retreats in Mexico and training people to teach yoga.
I dream about leading teacher trainings IN Mexico.

I dream about second locations and offering yoga in Appalachia.
I dream about Barefoot Works IN Appalachia.

I dream about being a yoga teacher and a life coach.
Maybe I could be a yoga life coach?

I dream about 500 hour trainings, workshops with Sark and Seane Corn.

I dream about offering yoga in the public schools and the prisons. Along with women's shelters and the others that would benefit so greatly.

The list goes on and on. Big dreams, baby dreams...we all have em'. And the world is a better place because we do.

I'm curious, what do you dream about?
Don't be shy....yeah I'm talking to you. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Literally (and figuratively) I dream about houses. I think I am a frustrated achitect! I dream of being in different rooms in different houses. And how they are all different and interesting and at the same time have wonderful things in common. In every dream I marvel at how great "this" house is and what I would do with it if I lived there. Sometimes I am living there.
I also dream about what the next chapter of my life will be. I really want to grow up and work at Williams Sonoma. I would love to teach people about cooking (another passion)!
I think your dreams are all going to come true!

Retta said...

I'm glad you followed a dream and ended up in Lexington teaching a yoga class. It has become something I look forward to every week... And yoga in Appalachia would be wonderful!

I myself dream of travel and seeing the world. I dream of volunteering in far away places to help others and learn more about different cultures and how they live. I dream about simplifying my life and focusing on the important things. Living with less stuff and more time to enjoy friends and family. I dream of a lifestyle that is more flexible and gives me the freedom of choice to follow a whim from time to time. And I dream that I can live more creatively and find more time to explore and play.

Mia said...

sharon: what a great post! i, too, have been in this phase of questioning about where i am and where i want to be... and although sometimes it can be paralyzing, it can also mean POSSIBILITY and OPPORTUNITY!

retta: those are such wonderful dreams!!!! i think that's something we can or should all aspire to be.