Sunday, December 30, 2012

mini Christmas moments

Ahhhhmazing sunset

Luke and his seashells

Nico's name in the sand

Sunset on the left moon rising on the right

Joe. We miss him so.

Mine & Andy's gift to Mama JoAnn. Joe's signature from 40th anniversary card made into necklace.

Tessandori tradition, Chirstmas Eve jammies. Note the boys rivalry.

A wee one all tuckered out and a big one gearing up.

Bedtime book story.

Dauphin Island exploration.

Decorating the tree with Lala

Car loaded with gifts + goodies

Self portraits by the sea

John & JoAnn

Favorite present (birds = Nico)

Andy and I found these huge seashells that became part of our altar.

Birds that remind me of Nico's presence
Mini moments of laughter
Mini moments of healing
Mini moments of sorrow
Mini moments of bonding
Mini moments of surprise
Landing back at home from a week at the beach with family
where we
stuffed the car and stuffed ourselves with cinnamon rolls
wrote names of loved ones
lost ones
in the sand.
Decorated a cheap tree
drank expensive wine
Lived out old traditions
and created new ones too
A recording of Joe reading
A Night Before Christmas
little ones, big ones
donning Christmas Eve jammies
Exchanged gifts with a smile on our face
tears in our eyes.
Catchphrase for the big kids
Mariocart for the lil and big kids
searched for seashells
sang Silent Night
watched the sun set
and walked under the moon.
Remembered Joe & Nico with
candles and ashes
and "you'll shoot your eye out" t-shirt
Whispered prayers to the wind
let our worries wash out to the sea
Felt sadness in the air
while creating space for
hope & joy.
As the year is drawing to a close I'm holding close to me the the mini many moments of healing and joy from the past week. Feeling deep gratitude that we had this week to simply be together on a beautiful island.
Hoping you can take a moment
take a breath
and revisit all that was and is your holiday season.

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