Thursday, December 13, 2012

mr. sparkle

This morning I left the studio to come to Coffee Times (this seems to be a trend with my stories) as it is my second office.

As I turned left onto New Circle, a bright eyed, bushy tailed man was standing was his sign. His sign of for our local car wash, Mr. Sparkle. This morning he was bundled up in a coat and hot as cold temps have descended upon us here in Lexington. Yet he waved, smiled, and enthusiastically gave me a big thumbs up.

I see him every time I drive to and from the studio. In the summer when it's warm I have my windows down and I'm donning my pink Hello Kitty sunglasses, he yells..."I love your sunglasses!"

No matter the season.
No matter the time.
No matter the temperature.

He greets me from such a place of goodness. It most always lifts my heart. Places a smile on my face even on a hard day and I think of how special I must be.

Maybe it's the sun glasses?

That thought quickly fades and I realize that every single person that drives past him probably feels special. Because that's just what he does.

It's his job to stand out, to make people feel good enough as they drive by that they come back and get their car spiffed up.

I could never ever never ever do what this Mr. Sparkle does. I would be sitting cross legged on the sidewalk quietly reading Mary Oliver out loud. I would look up and make eye contact with the passerbys. Maybe "namaste" them.

They would never come to my car wash.

I could play Michael Franti on the sidewalk and dance with wild abandon, another thing I love to do. This would draw more attention. Maybe attracting more peeps to my carwash.

Maybe not cause another key ingredient is seriously lacking....


Yep, I have absolutely no desire to do this. BUT Mr. Sparkle, he does. He rocks this game.

I realize once again how we all have skills, abilities, and innate ways of Being that simple set us apart from the other Mr. Sparkles. Then when we have the desire to go along, magic happens.

Part of our job in Life is finding the things that we feel so magnetically drawn to that we can't resist it. And when we do? It's like a master key that so magically unlocks our heart revealing our own sparkle.

It's true, I do believe that one million people can do the same job and do it differently at the same time. In fact, I think when we're encouraged to do it different, to do it "my" way....we shine a little brighter.

We sparkle.
We feel good.
And when we sparkle and feel good, we light the way for others to shine.
We reach hearts.

That's pretty amazing.

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Crystal said...

I see him often (usually on my way to yoga.). He always makes me smile.