Monday, December 10, 2012

yogis year end ritual


I had such a fun time with these awesome women on Saturday. I love that it looks like part party and part yoga. There was lots of merry making mixed in with many contemplative moments.
There was bubble blowing, hula hooping, dress up + photographing, restorative yoga (forward bend, hips and backbends), and questions geared towards the past, present, and future.
It was five hours that flew by that left me feeling grateful for the work I get to do and the people I get to work with.
It's times like this, when I'm wrapped in the cocoon of the treehouse with yogis who so openly share their thoughts, hopes, hardships, joys, and questions with me that I feel so full. So satisfied.
They. Are. The. Best.
I just received these words from one of the awesomes:
The year-end ritual was…a much needed opportunity to reflect and refocus. I know that it is so important to do something like this, yet I also knew that unless I actually committed to attending the workshop, I probably wouldn’t have made the time for myself. I think that the blend of focused time reflecting and writing, along with the time on the mat and the time we spent being lighthearted, and sharing our experiences was perfect, simply perfect. Since the workshop I have felt much more grounded, full of gratitude, and excited to embrace the holidays and the end of 2012 - as well as look forward to welcoming 2013 and all the experiences that I am eager to have. Sharon, you held such a thought-full space for each of us. Thank you for your gentle guidance and brave spirit.
That's me.

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