Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ayurvedic immersion

I'm back from five days of immersing myself in yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic goodness! Wow. So awesome to be in the company of two lovely and inspiring yogini's and in the presence of such inspirational teachers such as David Simon, Deepak Chopra, David Frawley, and Valencia Porter. Doctors, scholars, yogi's. The real deal.

During the workshop I received my very own special mantra for primordial meditation. Sorry, it's a secret. Can't share. The yoga gods might frown on that. ;) We did two 30 minute meditations each day. And happy to report that I've kept it up each day that I've been home. One in the a.m. One in the p.m.

We did two yoga classes per day. Very super sweet to be practicing in a large group. Moving, breathing, chanting, relazing, know the bits. The pieces that make yoga such a good good practice.

During the days and nights we had seminars over things like this:
Accessing Inner Silence
Food as Medicine
Ayurvedic Psychology
Wisdom of Herbs
Soul of Healing
Purification and Rejuvenation
Biology of Relationships
Spirit of Sexuality
Inner Pharmacy
Love as Medicine
and more.....

And I got a great BIG binder filled with juicy informaation. I do love a good binder.

Evenings were spent in the hot tub with intermittent dips into the pool. The Biltmore Resort is quite possibly (ok most deginitely) the nicest hotel I've stayed at. There was a Starbucks on property and I had a lil chat with Deepak Chopra one day when I wandered in. That was pretty fun!

It was so good for my body, mind, and soul to get away for a few days. Was happy to go. Happy to be home.

Feeling inspired by all the great stuff that I learned. Have already begun to put some practices into place for myself.

AND my BF got engaged while I was away! A HUGE congrats to Liz and Tony!! Two people very dear to mine and Andy's heart. Much celebrating is in order...


Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

yeah for immersion, yeah for Liz!! (& Tony).

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