Monday, February 08, 2010

i heart you monday

*Slept in late

*Danced 45 minutes to a fabulous workout dvd featuring dances from Dirty Dancing.
Yep I moved, grooved and, laughed at myself quite a bit.

*Juiced two oranges then made banana orange smoothie in blender. Yum...

*Three more hours on the computer and finished all quickbooks stuff for Barefoot Works (!!!!!!...really excited about that one). Drink a cuppa hot cinnamon tea as BIG as my head. Love this stuff.

*Checked in on fave blogs.

*Add an extra day for Final Four weekend in Indianapolis for Seane Corn workshop.

*Look at places to stay in Atlanta for Bon Jovi concert in April!

*Lunch was leftover spinach and feta pizza from mine and Andy's superbowl supper.

*Couple more hours of work.

*Hour of yoga with Nicki Doane. Love her. It was all about the standing poses. Am such a yogini (and teacher) that is all about the standing poses. A love affair that still goes strong.

*Quick trip the library. And when I mean quick, I mean quick. Andy sent a text saying the dvd we rented (Milk) was due. I was still in my pj's and a robe. So I shed the robe, added a coat and some boots and off Remy and I go in the pink camouflage pj's.

*Dinner was toasted sandwich with hummus, avocado,spinach and a dash of tamari. And french vanilla pound cake for a little sweets. And more hot tea...chai spice from Stash.

*Watch about two minutes of the 6:00 news. Find it depressing. Turn it off. Then remember my practice of sitting with discomfort. Crap....

*Listen/Watch this video with David Frawley about ayurveda. He's gonna be at the semiar (journey into healing) I'm going to next week in Pheonix.

*Read and do some of the journaling exercises from Style Statement. I am completely surprised by just how much I am enjoying this book. One of the authors, Danielle Laporte is really freakin' awesome. And funny. And brilliant. Her tagline...Because Self Realization Rocks. Yep, love it. Adding her to my list of people I want to meet.

*Play bejewled on my ipod throughout day.

*Send some emails.

*Ask what I want to do, and essentially do it.

I love you Mondays. You are filled with sweet, simple, decadent goodness.

You are good to me. And I love you so. :)

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Crystal said...

Sounds like an awesome day to me. I've been wanting to read Style Statement. I've heard so many good things about it.