Wednesday, September 05, 2012

should i go to yoga?

I was thinking this on my drive hOMe last night after prenatal yoga.
In the hours/minutes leading up to class I debated going. I was in a bit of a cranky mode. And sometimes when you're in a cranky mode some part of you wants to linger longer for some crazy reason.
Should I go to yoga? I asked myself. Over and over.
Conversation with myself sounded like this....
"Do I reallllly want to go? I did yoga already this morning at home. Do I realllly need to go? Gosh, traffic is gonna be bad when I leave. What if my belly starts growling during class? My appetite is on overdrive these days. I'll probably have to go to the bathroom like 9,000 times. Do I reallllly want to do that? Or just go home and get cozy on my chaise lounge? Hmmmmmm."
Ultimately I decided I didn't want to stay in cranky town. What I wanted was to feel a mental shift. I wanted to spend some time with myself and with yogababy.
And you know what.....
My belly didn't growl.
I didn't have to go to the bathroom even one time.
Traffic wasn't crazy driving home.
Most importantly, I felt tons better.
I felt more at peace.
The pieces of me felt more whole, like pieces of a puzzle had been put back together.
Body, mind, heart, yogababy.....
All better integrated.
Not a surprise to me, but a wonderful realization in that moment.
Then I realized, not once can I ever recall leaving a yoga class feeling worse than when I started.
(Actually there was that one time years ago at a gym, but that was totally my own doing. That's it. Promise)
Has there ever been a time you left a class feeling like you shouldn't have gone? Or left feeling worse than when you started?

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Where fibers meet mud said...

I have never regretted attending a very well instructed class, ever!

I have regretted attending classes I had no business being in and the instructor never took the time to ask the important questions - like what level are you - no - just that will be $20 thank you

I have never regretted spending the time doing yoga at hOme either. Funny every time I exercise I feel better..

Too bad the demon of "don't wanna" has won for the last 90 days - maybe I need to print your message and put it under my glasses in the morning!

Thank you for your continued inspiration!