Tuesday, September 04, 2012

meet kate dorvel

I'm delighted for all of you to get to know Kate Dorvel today. Kate started teaching at the studio several months ago when she took over the Level 2 class on Tuesday at 5:45. I remember seeing Kate on the mat for the first time at the studio and feeling inspired by her beauty, her practice, and her smile. The girl has a fantastic smile and she's very kind and gnerous in sharing them. You are bound to break a sweat and have some fun in Kate's creative classes. Enjoy.....

In 2008, as a very busy Bostonian, I would briskly walk up and down Boylston Street,
eyes focused forward, minimal eye contact, concerned only with getting quickly to my
next destination. Every day I would walk by one of the most well known yoga studios in
Boston, see their sign, become secretly intimidated and continue on my perpetual rush
forward. It wasn’t about the journey for me at that time.

One late winter, Sunday afternoon, I was out exploring my home town on foot, using this
time to clear my head of a lot of anxiety and built up emotions. I, yet again, walked by
the studio. This time I stopped. I decided, right then and there that it was time for a
change. I wanted a challenge, something to derail me from my current course. I was
surviving and successful but, no, I wasn’t happy.

That afternoon changed my life. I walked into a class taught by one of the most astonishingly wonderful women I will ever have the chance to know and call a
dear friend, Kate Greer. As her challenging and playful class was ending, she said to us “always know that you are entirely perfect just the way you are.” Many of my students know that is how I close my classes now. That phrase, that realization,
turned my relationship with myself around.

I achieved my 200hour RYT certification from Back Bay Yoga Studio, on Boylston Street in Boston, Massachusetts in 2011. I am still a student myself, but I try to be kind to my spirit and my body as I continue to learn. I was transplanted to Lexington later in 2011. It was this move that allowed me to pursue leading others in their yoga practice.

I try to bring a balance of athleticism and grace to my practice, which brings harmony and joy into my life. My practice includes asana, pranayama, meditation, running, biking,
hiking, swimming, tennis, beach volleyball, walking my dogs, mowing my lawn, tending
my garden, and loving my partner, Craig and my family. It is all yoga to me

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