Thursday, September 13, 2012

helllloooo goodbye

Greetings Friends,
I'm just poking in to say hello.
And goodbye. I'm leaving tomorrow for Sonoma and I'll be back at the studio in October.
I've spent the last few days dedicated to caring for my self and getting ready for yoga teacher training. I'm leaving in the morning to spend 16 days at Sonoma Ashram. I'm looking forward to being in the sweet, sacred, and healing space of the Ashram. I'll miss my yogababy daddy. The baby bump is officially here. Clearly.
I'm packed my yoga props.
Gathered my books.
Folded all my yoga clothes.
Printed tests.
And done all of the other lovely tasks of getting ready for an intensive yoga teacher training.
While fully expecting I will get there and realize I forgot something.
Please think of the awesome souls I'll be gathering with to explore all things yoga.
I believe passionately, wholeheartedly, in this work we'll be doing.
It's important.
It's healing.
It's transformative.
And it's fun!
I'll be peeking in and hopefully posting a few words and photos. You can also look forward to reading guest posts from the lovely teachers at the treehouse.

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