Thursday, December 01, 2011

ode to bliss

At lunch I sent Andy a text that said, "I just had one of those moments where you feel pure joy for no reason. I'm excited for the holiday." Or that was what it said in mine and Andy's odd and lovely lingo language. ;)

First of all did were you as mesmerized as I by the frost, the sunrise, and the glorious colors of the landscapes this morning? Even my drive down Lex's most nightmarish road (Nicholasville Rd. of course) was intoxicatingly beautiful. Bliss.

I'm not certain if it was jammin' down Nicholasville Rd. to Sugarland, hearing Jennifer Nettles scream to me (my volume is stuck on one level and to say it's loud is putting it mildly)....

"Gotta get a handle on a situation.
Operation, working vacation."

I couldn't help my smile. This yogini can so relate to those words. Bliss.

The happies could have come from the mystery magic citrus that I learned of two days ago. Once a month a big truck comes from Florida with boxes and boxes of goodness....oranges and grapefruit.

I felt like I was part of some super secret club when I pulled up to the big truck, rolled my window down, and all the gentleman said was, "We're selling from the parking lot behind Applesbees." Hmmmm are we speaking of citrus fruit I wondered?

I decided that even if the oranges tasted like ass it was worth it just for the experience. But they are oh so good. I have a fridge full to last a month before the semi truck full of citrus returns for two hours to sell in a parking lot. Bliss.

My morning class was filled with yogi awesomeness. Bliss.

I set in what may be my new fave spot at Coffee Times. I am a fan of the nooks. You know the cozy spots that just call for you to get cozy. They are most often built for one and they call out to me. They have the sweetest nook in the very back where they grind the coffee beans. One cozy chair + two side tables to put books, coffee, and such. Bliss.

While nooking it I decided I wanted to deck out the studio for the winter season. I figured the first day of December was the perfect time to do so. So I set off and bought two lil baby trees, greenery, fresh wreaths, poinsettias, twinkle lights, and white candles. I decorated with sinigng along with Krishna Das.

I finished, turned the lamps on, lit the candles, and basked in a`bit o bliss. It looks oh so pretty if I do say so myself.

Perfect timing at the yogis filled the studio for a lovely evening class. I do love the way the studio glows at this time in the evening. I can see the sun set from the studio then the sky turns a brilliant color. Yogis are moving are unison, their breath fills their body, their energy fills the studio with goodness. Bliss.

Welcome December. I'm a fan.

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