Saturday, December 24, 2011

may you always glitter

"May you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance that shines from deep within you." ~Barbara Becker Holstein

Greetings Friends! I'm in Owensboro celebrating the season with my family, The Tessandoris. We're cooking, drinking wine, reading magazines, napping, listening to holiday tunes, and having a merry ol' time.

I just wanted you to that you I am thinking of you.
I'm thinking of students and teachers, both near and far.
I'm thinking of mentors, family, and friends I've encountered in this game of Life.
Thank you for being in a life and making me who I am.

May you be blessed with goodness, grace and glitter.
May you shine like the radiant being you are.


namaste & a humble bow,

**photo from Rumi fanpage**

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