Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a digital detox?

Last week when I ventured off to Cali I made the big decision not to take my lil pinktop (netbook) with me. An unusual thing for me.

I thought that between my blackberry and ipod I would be as connected as I needed to be. I could still return brief emails and post pictures onto the blog and facebook.

But I gotta say that as soon as I arrived at the airport I thought, "What have I done?!" I'm connected often. Really often.

One of the many great conversations we had at my life coach immersion was the ways in which we take we remove ourselves from presence, as in the present moment. (The photo above is my last morning post yoga on the beach with Grace, my mentor.)

Around the circle and in general we discussed the things we do to numb ourselves.

Guess what mine was? Being connected. To email, blogs, pretty pictures and websites, facebook, itunes, and a variety of other random things. Just as I type this my blackberry is letting me know that I have an email. Even though I want to know what the email is I'm choosing to sit here and breathe instead. :)

It's easy for me to blame...uhhh I mean validate my connected ways due to the studio. "My work demands that I spend more time online."

I know it's not true and that I'm only trying to fool myself.

I enjoyed one whole week with minimal time digitally connected. It was a digital detox of sorts. I checked my email once in the morning and once in the evening, spending less than ten minutes. I listened to voice messages and returned calls once every day.

Guess what? It was realllly awesome. Loved it.

I do adore my online time when I spend it wisely. I get much inspiration from being online. But there are the minutes and hours I spend wasting time, numbing myself out.

So I'm going to explore being more present with this. Think of how I can use my time online wisely. Think of the boundaries I need to have in place to maintain balance in the digital world.

How about you? Do you feel happy with the amount of time you spend online and how do you create balance in this area?

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Where fibers meet mud said...

I do not feel balance in this area and in 2012 I am going to gain that balance. I can find what I want but often go off roading and read another article or visit a suggested website.

I have been told that living in the moment can help some of the fears and anger that pester me... going to give it a try~~