Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mexico, mama, mentors & a oh sh*t moment

I'm leaving for Mexico tomorrow!! That's my packing area above.

As in departing Lexington at 6:30 a.m.
And arriving in Cancun at 11:00.

Which means I should be in Tulum eating guacamole and drinking a Corona at approximately 2:00.

But the last week friends, leading up the departure.....

Talk about the to-dos, the forgets, the shoulda's, coulda's and on and on.
But it's all so,so, so worth it.

I truly can't wait to meet the 12 yogis from all over joining me for 15 fifteen days of oh so intensive yoga teacher training.
Last year I posted nearly every day on the blog I'm hoping to be pretty consistent with this again. And now with my new fancy pants iPod that has the "blogger" app, posting photos should be a breeze.

Speaking of iPods, this one I've had less than a month and love, love, love, mostly because I'm snapping photos left and right, you know the one?

Well Mama Alice and I were getting pedicures today. I sat in the big, cozy, massage my back chair while a sweet sould rubbed down my feet. My iPod is in hand so I could snap photos of course.

About three minutes in my iPod slides off my lap and into the big basin of warm, sudsy water.

"Oh shit", I say, clearly loud enough that everyone getting their feet rubbed on could hear. I fish out my iPod quickly.

Someone says, "Quick turn it off." The poor gal rubbing my feet hands me a dry towel and I wrap it up like a lil baby.

I sit for a moment and ponder all the music that will not likely make it to Mexico. Nor the podcasts that I just downloaded this morning for the flight. Oh well. It is what it is.

I am surprised at how quickly I regroup. And actually let it go.

On a happy note the kind folks at the Apple store replaced my iPod for free. Happy. Happy. Happy. And I now have a new synced up iPod ready for my adventures. Plus my toenails are a pretty purple. See in the photo above? My right toenail that I danced off in May is making a reappearance. Thank god. I've missed her.

I have so much that I want to say but I still have packing to do.

Like how amazed I am by Andy and his insane committment in scraping, sanding, priming, and painting our house. It's crazy really. And inspring too. I keep asking to him, "Is this your yoga? Is this your meditation?"

He mostly looks at me like I'm crazy and goes pack to painting. He's like the Karate Kid.

And Mama Alice is in her third week of being in Lextown for treatment. She's rockin' on. Yet I know this is such a challenge for her. The radiation treatment is catching up with her. She lost weight last week and it's getting harder for her to eat.

Yet her spirits are good and I know she is THE strongest woman in my entire world. I've gotten a lot more quiet on here as far as sharing. My journal is getting to hear lots on this particular journey.

And I've started my writing class.

Connected with old and new mentors that are giving me such support and inspiration.

Friends, teachers, friends that are hands down the most rockin', thoughtful, and supportive people.

Life feels full no matter which way you turn it, twist it, or dissect it.

Never a dull moment friends, that's for sure.

Blowing kisses and wrapping my arms around you tonight as I prepare to embark on a new journey to my second home....the sweet and sacred land of Tulum.

Tuuuuluuummmm, here I come!

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Mia said...

Safe and happy travels, Sharon!