Friday, October 21, 2011

finding their way

"But where is this gathering?
- I don't know, my little angel
But do the others know?
- No, they don't know either
How can you go to a gathering without
... knowing where it is?
- It suffices to walk, just walk.
Those who are invited will find the way."
(from a Sufi story)

They've certainly been invited.

They're certainly finding their way.

I couldn't be happier nor more proud of what these yogis have accomplished in six days.

I've gotten emails from students from home cheering on these students that are now becoming teachers.

I've gotten emails from students of past yoga teacher trainings rallying on those students. One from last year that says, "And the odd frustrations... that never lasted very long. How could they with so much love and support around you."

So that's what we've encountered as we've found our way together as a group.

Getting settled into a new hOMe in a new country.
Strangers becoming friends becoming great support.
Odd frustrations.
Then the aha's.
Heightened emotions.
The love that comes with being seen, heard, and accepted for your unique you-ness.

Rain, howling wind, double rainbows, the palette of heaven on an early morning walking meditation.

Still, calm, turquoise blue green sea.
Reminding us to keep things in perspecitve.
Reminding us of the great big world out there.
Reminding us we are all connected.
Just one drop in a big sea of love.

Yes, I'd say we're all finding our way.

This is the good stuff friends.


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