Saturday, October 01, 2011

welcome october + cultivate contentment

I went to the studio this morning all excited to teach on one more day of "contemplation".

Guess what? There aren't 31 days in September.

Never have been. Hmmmmm.

The first student signs in this morning and says, "Can you believe it's October 1?"

I reply, "Uhhhh, no I can't."

And just like that we're onto a new theme at the yoga treehouse. Contentment. Another yogini tells me, "But it felt like we barely got to Contemplate." Tell me about it sister. September come in with a bang, I felt the fury, then she silently made her exit. I'm down with it September. Thank you for your quiet departure.

I was happy that my focus for today's class translated beautifully to our theme of "contentment."

We went back to the basics of mindfulness of body and breath. If you weren't in class (bad yogi! kidding, of course ;) then you can play along now.

Sit comfortably. Begin to relax your body and spend a few moments connecting to your breath.

Identify a part of your body. Any part, it doesn't matter. Eyes, feet, belly, hands, etc.

Let your attention rest on this area of your body. Dive in and bring your full awareness to this space. What are the sensations you feel? Resist any urge to change the sensations or make judgements about what you're feeling. Just pay attention.

Begin to invite a sense of gratitude to this area of your body. What are the experiences this part of your body allows you to have? For example if you identified your hands then your hands have held the hands of people you love, they have embraced your loved ones, allowed you to experience all sensations of all sorts that have brought you delight and joy.

Relax. Connect to the moment. Accept your body. Choose gratitude. Breathe in and out. Repeat.

Mindfulness can lead to acceptance.

Acceptance can lead to gratitude.

Gratitude can lead to contentment.

Wishing all of you a month of all things good. May you be filled with peace, joy, and contentment.

PS - My space heater is out in my yoga room and the warm pj's and slippers are making their appearance in my yoga room.

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