Tuesday, October 04, 2011

be notorious

Welcome sunny Tuuuuesday!

I snapped the above photo last night in my yoga room. After I long and busy day to running to and from I was excited to listen to the recording from the first class of the Yoga + Writing course that I'm taking.

I was snuggled up in a warm and cozy, teeny tiny yoga room with candles, tea, notebook, pinktop and pen. This weeks session was all about accessing and connecting to the powers and goodness of Ganesha.

I write in my notebook (a brand spankin' new notebook might I add)....

Ganesha is an emblem of transition and change. He is very much in this world, not off meditating in a cave or atop a mountain. He is adorable. And accessible! He holds the universe in his belly (I love this)! Wherever he is - he is home.

Details and image from here.

I'm going to print adorable lil Ganesha off and put him in my yoga room to focus and learn from this week. Much to learn here. And just a reminder that the gods and goddesses we explore in the world of yoga are all about seeing and recognizing the different ways they represent us. They are and wonderful ways in which we can learn and grow. And be notorious in our life.

After I listened to the call I had another juicy phone call about a possible new venture I may be embarking on shortly and hold a focus on for next year. All signs are directing me forward but I'm pausing to lean in a lil more. Ponder and process.

I am so flippin' excited that we are now halfway full for the intensive yoga teacher training in NC next spring. I can hardly believe it!

I get the best email from a yogini I've been emailing back and forth with (literally since she's in Seattle). Embarking on yoga teacher training is a BIG deal and I don't recommend entering it lightly. I had given yogini all the advice and input I could. At some point we decide to leap, or we decide to stay put.

She's clearly been keeping her eyes, ears, and heart open. I got this in part of message from her:

So I'm not much into superstition, but today my last 4 words in an online Scrabble game were Y, O, G, and A. After I finished my game, I got into my car, and was stopped at a stoplight behind a car with North Carolina license plates. (this is all true) I couldn't ignore this so. . . .Sign me up! What do I do next? :)


Risk it.
Be notorious.

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