Wednesday, March 03, 2010

quiet as a mouse

Hola All!

Just me peeking in to say "hi"!
It's been quiet over here in blogland.
Since traveling to Arizona and getting back I've been spending more time...

writing on paper, less on the blog
more time seated meditating, less time on asana
more time reading, less time online.

Going to bed earlier
and reading poetry (yay for Hafiz.
Rising earlier.
Starting the day with 30 minute meditation.
Ending the day with 30 minute meditation.

It all feels good at the moment.
And right, it a subtle sorta way.

Listening a little bit more closely.
Trying to honor what I'm needing at the moment.

May you too
tune in
chill out.

Hibernate for a tiny bit longer.

Soak up the last bit of winter.
Spring is well on it's way.

**chirp chirp**

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