Tuesday, January 12, 2010

self care for busy days

I've been working from the big blue house the past several days. I'm finding it a good working space during this busy time. With a mind full of thoughts and a pocket full of to-do's, it's easy to put ourselves on the back burner. I know this all to well.

I just told a friend yesterday, when I get busy, I'm less mindful. When I'm less mindful I eat crap food and generally don't do so good at self care stuff.

So this busy week I'm taking a few steps just to make sure I stay clear of feeling overwhelmed and have healthy practices to keep me feeling good in mind, body, and spirit.

Here is what I've been doing:

1. Not taking on extra to-do's or overbooking myself. I have a session with a life coach today and a lunch with my sister on Thursday. Both of which will be good for me. I think the important thing is not taking on stuff that will add to feelings of overwhelm. Things we feel like we can't be fully present for, or we do it out of fear of saying "no". Or perhaps it things we simply wont be able to fully enjoy because of the other stuff we need to do.

2. Meditation. I practice at least a 20 minute meditation in the morning immediately after my shower. And yes I stay put right in the bathroom. It's not glamorous but it does the trick. I roll my yoga mat out halfway, sit on the folded edge of the other half. Light my copal incense from Maya Tulum that I love, and breathe my way to a few moments of bliss, stillness, and/or quiet. I always get up feeling better and start my day.

3. Yoga. My sessions have been shorter in the past week, but that's ok. I'm taking breaks while working at my computer. The sequence I just did was:
yogic squat
standing forward fold
roll to standing, roll shoulders three times
extended mountain, interlace hands behind back, hold for five breaths
extended mountain, take a steeple mudra overhead, and side bends to each side.
Do sequence three times.
This is making the long hours at the computer much more do-able.

4. Asking for help. This has always been a challenge for me. But on Monday I did run to the studio to get a book (that ended up not being there). I go in and I see that the studio floor is a mess because of the snow and the salt. There are papers on the desk that need to be filed away and plants that need to be watered. Ahhhh, I thought "too. many. things." So I call Teresa and did the unbearable...ask her for help. She was happy to lend a hand. So grateful that I am surrounded by the teachers that I am. **thanks again T**

5. Making time to cook. Yesterday I wanted to make a nice meal for Andy. But with the work is wasn't going to happen. So off he went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I made grilled apple sammies and mac and cheese. The cooking provided a fun relief from work and the meal was more satisfying than picking something up.

6. Quittin' time. In the old days I worked morning, noon, and most of the night. I'm not doing that anymore. And even now while I'm busy, I'm off the computer away from work and downstairs reading, relaxing and/or watching basketball with Andy.

What about you..what's your routine for self care of busy/overwhelming/general crazy days?

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Mia said...

Thanks for the reminder on self-care, Sharon! I would say my self-care would be baking... just emptying my mind, using all my senses and being fully present. While waiting for it to bake I then have time for 5 or so sun salutations and some yin yoga poses (keeps me from peeking into the oven!) And of course, an hour or so later, I have something yummy to enjoy!