Thursday, January 21, 2010

on pleasure & freedom----purusharthas cont...

Looks like one day has turned to several. :) But here I am reflecting on last week's moments (or lack thereof) of pleasure (kama) and freedom/liberation (moksha). Don't you love that word.....moksha. I do.

Kama (pleasure) - What was my greatest pleasure this past week? Surprising, it was all about the recent pleasure I've taken in cleaning, organizing and redecorating our bedroom. It's been a work in progress for a couple of weeks. I'm making a strong effort to balance work and home. I decided that I needed to invest time, energy, and a little money into revamping our bedroom.

With a $500 budget, several hours of work, shopping trips to Ikea and Home Goods Andy and I now have a much more peaceful space that we get to enjoy. Who'd have thought it would be so much fun for me? Certainly not me. And it's been fulfilling in a sorta way that's new to me. I can feel a tiny pull towards nesting at home, which is again....a little new to me. I'm just embracing it and going with the flow.

Moksha (liberation)- What activities did I engage in for the sake of liberation? Not as many as I would have preferred. The new year has been busy, mostly with the beginning of teacher training. I haven't found the amount of time that I prefer to do the things that feel so freeing. Liberating.

I have been quite consistent with my morning meditation. Do enjoy this time. Feels yummy. And divine is the smallest of ways. The other recent biggie has been self inquiry work that I've been doing with my life coach and on my own. A portion of it is based off on Byron Katie's "the work". It's interesting and challenging. And giving me a little more space around strong beliefs that I've created. Not sure where I adopted some of these beliefs. But boy, they've been strong and around for quite some time. And I've seen them as truth. Now they are exposed. I'm investigating them. One by one. With the hopes of course....that I can feel a little more mental/emotional freedom. Ahhhh, the work. :)

**Why the pics from Mexico if I'm enjoying nesting? Well no matter how much I love nesting, I'll always always love and long for Mexico. And I'm at the studio and the pics are on this laptop. Plus, aren't they so appropriate for pleasure and freedom? And it's possible that my sister may kill me for the pic above. But it totally looks like the epitome of pleasure to me ;)**

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