Saturday, January 30, 2010

on balance and happiness

The theme for the year continues. I'm keeping a running log of things I do and where they "fit" into the purusharthas. Here was how the last week shaped up:

Dharma (duty):
*Had a meeting with an instructor about more opportunities for karma yoga
*Planned yoga session with the girls at Florence Crittenton
*Two great private yoga sessions. Enjoy the one-on-one time for yoga
*Researched trainings for the year. Ordered info about Ayurveda training at Kripalu
*Cleaned the house
*And the studio
*Taught classes. Made an effort to "raise the vibration"
*Planned my week as far as work and fun
*Donated to Haiti

Artha (prosperity):
*Coordinated and had reports ran for banking
*Thought more about MindBody University, training held by the software company I use
*Made a plan for getting things in place for taxes
*Paid bills
*Andy and I decide to make a few changes for our household budget
*Make projections about income for the year
*Brainstorm about teacher training in eastern Kentucky
*Fix student accounts

Kama (pleasure):
*Have a midweek date in Louisville with Shelli
*Weekday dates with Andy for dinner and library
*Hang with my sis at Barnes and Noble. Enjoy chats, drinks, brownies and books.
*Talk to my mom about plans for Mexico
*Twenty minute yoga sessions in morning and early evening.
*Brunch and sticker shopping at Hobby Lobby with Liz
*Decorate planner with said stickers and watercolor paints
*Work from bed on Tuesday till 3:00 then leaving to teach.

Moksha (liberation):
*Attend meditation workshop
*Meditate in the morning
*Chakra balancing session
*Sunday journaling at coffee shop
*Self Inquiry on beliefs
*Practice being present with being uncomfortable
*Phone session with life coach
*Re-reading Anatomy of the Spirit

In looking back over my list, I felt like I was lacking in the prosperity department so the plan is to do some work here over the next weeks. It was however a great week for pleasure...hence the picture. ;)

Happy happy weekend to all of you.....


jaime said...

It's funny - I saw the same article in YJ and started journaling weekly on these too. It really helps make the year's intentions happen on a weekly basis. It's great to look back over your week and see what needs to bump up the priority list for the following week.

Sharon Tessandori said...

Jaime! Yes I think so too. Makes you a little more accountable on a weekly basis.

I miss not seeing you at the studio. Hope you and the soon to be lil one are doing well. :)

Jen said...

This is a great idea! It's funny ... I read your prosperity section and thought that you were doing so much!

Love the photo ... you are the most sophisticated garbage bag holder I've ever seen :)