Thursday, June 19, 2008

these days

I've been spending time at the cutest new coffee shop in Nicholasville, Main and Maple. OK, so we don't have much more other than Starbucks, until now! I spent some happy time here recently with a great flavored coffee and the new Yoga Journal.

Leading the gals of teacher training through some great exercises requiring reflection on what's important to them as teachers, modeling after teachers/mentors that they admire, visualizing where they want to teach, who they want to teach and how much they want to get paid, and where they'll be in 6 months up to five years, and much more. Isn't that a imagine where we'll be in five more years?! And they created the cutest wish boxes ever. Check out Delia's....

Tomorrow I'm going to Cincinnati with three yogi's from teacher training to the Gaiam Outlet and IKEA. Maybe I'll come back with some goodies for the studio and my yoga room!

Don't forget that the FREE day of yoga classes is this Saturday starting at 9:00. Come out and have some fun with us!

Have a beautiful weekend!


bella said...

I like getting to peek into your daily life, see what you are doing, what it looks like.
ANd how cute/cool is that new coffee shop?
Wish I could be there, enjoying a cup with you.

Retta said...

I just visited that coffee shop for the first time last week and it is super nice! What a wonderful place to chill out and read the yoga journal.

I love Delia's wish box. What a great idea.

Everett said...

Did you get any goodies at the Gaiam outlet? I live in Denver, but Gaiam sometimes has sample sales at the corporate office where you can find some great deals - like a balance ball chair for $20!