Wednesday, April 02, 2008

thai yoga massage

Geez, it feels like it's been a long time since I've been post! The last you heard I was away for a thai yoga massage training, which turned out to be a pretty amazing experience. The teacher was simply beyond words. He wowed me with his beautiful sanskrit words (so what if I didn't understand them all), he intrigued me with all the wonderful Bhagavad Gita stories, he shocked me with his ability to read our bodies, and made me laugh on more than one occasion. He was real. He was human. He was humble. He is a yogi unlike any other that I've met.

So here are some words from the weekend that I'm happy to share with you, thinking maybe...just maybe you too will find some of them to be great little gems:

*Pain and suffering should not be avoided. They are wonderful teachers.

*In the English language there are 3000 expressions for feelings and emotions. Of these 3000 expressions, 2700 are negative and unresourceful. All 2700 begative words are coming from two places: the need for control and the need for approval.

*The three winds that will fill your sail....desire, destiny, and karma.

*Repalce the word "but" with "and". When we use the word "but" it's like we've just hit the delete button on the computer and totally taken everything away from the speaker.

*Instead of saying "I want to thank..." say "I give thanks".

And my favorite....

"To be human is to be sleazy". Acknowlege your sleaziness, express it, then move on. Funny stuff....

Stay tuned for more details about thai yoga offerings at the studio!

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Thanks for sharing... sound delightful.