Thursday, April 17, 2008

upcoming offerings

I'm sitting here at my office for most Thursdays, enjoying a tasty drink, reviewing notes for this weekend's yoga teacher training, reading about thai yoga massege, thinking of website updates, and glancing out the big window at the sun beaming off the cars windows. It is quite a glorious day.

I wanted to fill you in on a few offerings to come at the studio (they are pretty cool, I must admit). So grab your planner and make a few notes of things that might inspire you and your yoga practice.

This Sunday at noon (the 20th), I'll be hosting our gathering of like-minded yogi's. We'll engage in a lively discussion about ways to live your yoga off the mat. Come early for Yoga for Stress Relief, bring a little dish to share and make a little date of it.

Sunday, May 4th Anita Courtney will be leading a Restorative Yoga workshop from 3:00-5:00. Anita has trained with Judith Laster herself. And she is the queen of restorative yoga. People loooove this workshop. If you haven't been to one, it's a must and if you have then I expect that you loved it and will want to be here for this one.

Sunday June 1 I will be leading a workshop designed to help you in creating your very own yoga practice. The timing of this is quite strategic. I know that the summer months are busy and full with traveling, gardening, grilling, sunning, and funning. Yes I want to see your smiling faces. But if I don't I hope you'll still visit your trusty yoga mat and make nice. So join me for some information and inspiration on doing just that.

In July I'm hoping to take some time for myself. Since Janurary most all my weekends have been full with teacher trainings, workshops/trainings, presentations, and travels. I'm hoping to get some much needed r&r in. The Mexico retreat is also scheduled for July. But unless I get the help and assistance from all ya'll, it just may be cancelled. :-( So send a hope (and an email to anyone who might be interested) out into the big open universe. Maya Tulum is a most magical place and all of us should have the good fortune of spending time there.

August, September and October will bring yogi's from California, Texas, and DC to Barefoot Works. My sweet friend Indrani will be at the studio Aug. 1 and 2 leading a workshop. She is truly a delight. Some of you know that Tracy K. is in the process of completing a yoga therpay program. So Barefoot Works will be the location for Level 2 yoga therapy training. This is scheduled for Sept. 19-21. If you're in the health care profession (or a massage therapist) take a look. And last but certainly not least, Kimberly Wilson owner of Tranquil Space and author of Hip Tranquil Chick will be at Barefoot Works Saturday Oct. 11 leading workshops, having a truck show, and doing a book signing.

Click here and go to our online webscheduler where you can see that the workshops are listed. If the page doesn't open automatically (still trying to figure this out), then type "barefoot works" under clients on the right side.

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