Thursday, January 03, 2013

this year, I stop struggling

Leeann Carey supports Sarah in gate pose.

"Most of us have at least one area of life where we feel we have to struggle. Maybe its in our relationships. Maybe its in our spiritual practice. Maybe its in our work or vocation. A lot of us have struggle baked into our cells, cascading through our neurons in the form of cortisol and other stress chemicals. We think that if we aren't struggling, we won't make breakthroughs. Nothing will turn out right. Maybe no one will love us.

But its actually possible to make appropriate effort without tying yourself in knots. The next time you feel yourself clenching over a possible outcome, try asking yourself, 'Am I in a state of struggle? Can I let it go?' At first, you might have to do this twenty times an hour. But after a while, it will become natural. It always surprises me how much better things turn out when you remember to turn off the struggle button. Even hard times become easier, because when you let go of struggle, you begin to feel how the current of life is willing to carry you." ~Sally Kempton

Where are you struggling in your life?
Where are you struggling in your yoga practice?

Do you see any similarities?

PS - Want to practice a style of yoga that is sooo not about the struggle in yoga poses and in class? Consider joining this training by Leeann Carey, Jan 25-27.

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