Thursday, January 31, 2013

creating conditions for feeling good

In the Yoga Sutras there is this inspiring AND challenging practice known as brahmacharya. My favorite translation is:

Conservation and regulation of energy.

Energy being the general state of aliveness, or lack thereof, you experience at any given moment.

We all bring ourselves to our yoga mats with a very different "feeling." What's been happening in your life over previous days, weeks, and even months? Have you been sick? Are you in the midst of a major transition? Are you celebrating something big in your life? Are you knee deep in grief (hello, been there)? Have you been eating ice cream and fried foods most days?

All of these and more, they affect us. Certainly something to consider when we roll our mat out and take our seat.

This morning in class I invited students to get curious about ways they could be in their practice AND generate more energy. What would that look like?

Holding a pose longer that you're comfortable.
Taking more time to rest in child's pose.
Transitioning from pose to pose, place to place, with ease.
Expanding the breath.
More acceptance, less judgement.
Breathing in a different way.
More love. Less fear.
Actually smiling during class.
Taking the easier option of a pose.
Taking the harder option.

Learning how our yoga practice can generate energy OR deplete energy can help us to take the practice off the mat.

How do you create conditions throughout your day that help you to feel good?

Start the day slowly, intentionally.
Give yourself extra time to drive to work.
Savor a cuppa coffee or tea.
Move your body in a way that feels good.
Stay in the shower longer.
Eat delicious foods that you celebrate.
Gaze at the sky.
Have that difficult but needed conversation.
Engage more with people that elevate you.
Do something nice for someone.
Appreciate nature.
Do one thing you thought you couldn't.
Breathe deeply.
Make eye contact. Bonus points for smiling.
Take a nap.
Clean your house.
Prepare a meal while listening to music.
Snuggle your kids, your kittens, your dogs.

I'm curious, dear Friend, what are the conditions you create that help you to feel alive?

What depletes your energy?

What generates more energy?

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Gracie said...

I have been reading about brahmacarya in the book Meditations from the Mat!
Thank you for sharing this on the blog, a bit of synchronicity to make me smile along with this beautiful sunny day!