Saturday, November 17, 2012

the seed for gratitude

Please enjoy yet another entertaining and enlightening blog post by Miss Meredith Swim. May these few words plant a seed for gratitude this holiday season and onwards. And good sleep is something to be oh so grateful for, right? xo, sharon
As I slip off into dream world each night, I don’t count sheep. I count all the people I am grateful for in my life. From the baristas at 3rd St. Stuff to my ukulele playing biology professor, my nightly gratitude list ends my day in a full-hearted way. Then, Sleep arrives peacefully.
I’m extremely grateful that Sleep and I are on good terms because Sleep and I have been on rocky terrain during these college years.  Frankly,I just don’t care for sleeping.
I’d rather be awake dancing, downdogging, scheming, and girlfriend gabbing. I’m shamelessly a morning person. As I turn off the bedside lamp, I’m already looking forward to my sweet morning latte and the adventures waiting with the next sunrise.
In the past, I’ve sipped tea, practiced pigeon pose, and jotted down notes in a journal specifically purchased for the title, “I CAN’T SLEEP” to unwind my monkey mind, but regardless, my final waking minutes were typically restless and sleep only arrived when I was on the brink of tears and exhaustion.
Thankfully, wise words from my Mamma and Sharon saved me from my frustrated sleeping rut. A fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, my mother shared Wayne’s belief that the most important part of the day is the few minutes before sleep. At first this news upset me because my five waking minutes didn’t accurately reflect the positive sides of my day and the pristine emotional state I wanted to be in as I fell into sleep.
Those five minutes consisted of ping ponging thoughts about whether pink pants are still appropriate to wear in November (yes?) to the recalled memory of the not very nice words I said to a friend in the fifth grade (Sasha, I’m sorry I said you looked my dog. At the time, my ten-year-old self meant it as a compliment).
Now realizing the possible significance of those last waking moments, my heart delighted to find this suggestion tucked into Sharon’s November newsletter on gratitude: “Upon waking up or going to bed spend two minutes reviewing what you are grateful for.” The seed for the gratitude list was planted and grows.
Now, instead of frustration and time traveling thoughts defining my bedtime, I shift through the snippets of my day to thank those who blessed it with their joy and presence. I’m thankful for Sharon blogs and emails, my Sun Saluting yoga students, toothpaste, and the thoughtful text from a faraway friend.
The faces of those I hold most dear surround me as I tiptoe onto the edge of dreams and I gratefully embrace Sleep like an old friend.

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