Thursday, August 13, 2009

currently lovin'

Here is my random list of current little loves:

1. Basking in the afterglow of teaching yesterday. I taught one private and two classes yesterday. They were all so sweet and so perfect. And they were tiny, tiny classes. Two peeps in my noon class and three peeps in the 4:30. I shared a reading that I love during centering at the beginning. Not sure if this created the special-ness of the classes. But I truly loved teaching every minute, with each of the six people I shared with yesterday. It's always great teaching yoga. Some days it's even greater. This was one of the days for me.

2. Hot yoga in the big blue house (my home). We live in a 99 year old home and the upstairs doesn't have air conditioning, just one itty bitty window unit (which is ok for us cause our house is BIG and we mostly live downstairs.....but poor guests). We spend most of our time upstairs either in the office area or yoga room. Last nights practice in my hot yoga room was really good....perhaps the effects of the classes? And meditation time was equally yummy. Yay for yoga and self care.

3. New yoga buys....this yoga dvd by Nicki Doane,, this cd to celebrate the sun, and this little all in one wrap (so it's not a pair of yoga pants). A dress that you can wear 10 that.

4. Local hikes. I've gotten to go with the fam to Natural Bridge, with the nieces and nephew to a nice spot in Garrard County, and the new yoga teachers to Berea. So much beauty and so much to be learned by nature. I can feel the Summer days dwindling down so I'm trying to take full advantage of being outside as much as I can. Nature heals. And nurtures. For Sure.

5. Kick my butt workouts. Andy and I are on a new fitness adventure. There is something so wrong about some of the stuff we do. So I don't do it. Or modify it. But I do really enjoy sweating. And working. And pushing myself. Feel like I need to do that right now.

6. The Four Agreements. Have heard about this book for a long time. Downloaded it last weekend and I've listened to it twice now. It makes sense to me, it's simple yet effective. If you haven't read it yet the four agreements are: be impeccable with your words, don't take it personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best. I'm working on each day by day. Being mindful.

7. Sunsets. Tuesdays was amazing. I was subbing for Emily and I could see the sun setting from the studio. And it put on a most fabulous little light show for all of us while I was driving home.

8. Cherries. Eating them every single day. I picked some great ones up at the Fresh Market on the way home last night. Yum-O.

That's it for me. What are the simple (or not so simple)things you are lovin' these days? Would love to hear!

PS - Lots of opportunities for free fun this weekend at the signing and party Friday at 6:30, knitting on Sunday at noon, and community yoga Sunday at 4:00. Come on out!


Lisa said...

What are the simple (or not so simple)things you are lovin' these days?
#1 lovin this blogspot.
#2 LOVE the 2 books I just finished: AHAB'S WIFE, Sena Jeter Naslund (KY author!); THE QUEEN'S FOOL, Philipa Gregory. Both written by women and about female protagonists' developing empowerment despite circumstances.

Though I'm typcically drawn like magnet to the latest non-fic. by beloved spiritual teachers/leaders etc, non-fiction is KEY for healthy 6th chakra. And, there is nothing like the longing for the unfolding of a good, good story. And even the sadness is sweet at the very end with the turning of the last page.

It's all like a mini love affair, and your sweetie won't then divorce you.

Have both books to lend to anyone.
:) Lisa

Unknown said...

awwh, i felt that way about class, too. sharon, i feel so lucky to be at barefoot works!