Friday, September 12, 2008

this weekend

My box has gotten some TLC this morning....oil changed, tires rotated, wipers exchanged, and gassed up, ready to go to Cincinnati today for a yoga workshop and time spent with yoga friends.

I'll make my way back down to Lexington in the morning and have a fun meeting with the teachers of BW. We'll review a first draft of the teacher handbook, flyers for each to promote their classes, record a couple short clips of them teaching for our youtube page, and chat about classes and studio offerings over brunch at Panera.

I've got some things to finish up in preparation for a health fair I'll be at Sunday. So I'll be spending some time at my computer and at kinkos tomorrow also. Dinner with our fave couple friend will be a treat.

Sunday I'll be representing BW at a holistic health fair here in town. Come out and visit. I'll be there from noon to 5:00 and you get loads on good info, mingle with others, eat free Indian food, and learn about yoga, herbology, meditation, acupuncture and more. Hope to see you there!

Maybe you can find some time to sit under a tree and do some coloring like my cute nieces! Have a bright and shiny weekend sweet ones!

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