Sunday, February 24, 2008

yoga for stress relief

We started a great new class at the studio this for stress relief. Teresa is teaching this and she does a fabulous job. She really has a knack for leading pranayama and meditation. After a long weekend at the studio with teacher training, it was exactly what I was needing. Afterwords most of the folks stayed for our first potluck and discussion which was equally lovely. We chatted about the first limb of yoga, the yamas. I'm hoping to post more about this tomorrow.

On my way home I was driving past a field where some cows were hanging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I realized I had my camera so I pulled over on the road and went back to snap a few pictures of them. I think they were equally intrigued by me....or my camera. They kept coming closer and closer, the whole gang. Pretty cute, huh?

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