Wednesday, February 20, 2008

never nothing

Andy and I watched Peaceful Warrior this weekend with Nick Nolte. One of the main points of the film was that there is "never nothing going on". I've been thinking a lot about this statement and thinking of ways that it applies to me. When we were going how many times did we whine to our poor mom, "But mom, there's nothing to do. There is nothing going on." Sometimes I long to have those moments again! Anyway, I think this idea, this way of thinking can really open our eyes to the world around us. And the world within us.
In yin yoga we hold many of the poses for five minutes. I'm pretty sure that these five minutes feels like an eternity for some. I encourage students to settle in. To tune into the sensations they are feeling. Reminding them that there is always something going on in their body. It simply takes the time and the awareness to discover it. Again, "there is never nothing going on."
I also thought of this same point in practicing sun salutations. I teach them nearly everyday and I practice them nearly everyday. They are a staple in the vinyasa yoga practice. I would imagine that all os us (including myself) has been in a class when we've thought "Oh no, here we go with another sun salutation." I do remind myself and students that each sun salutation is different and unique in it's own right. On no two days are our bodies or minds the same, no two movements are ever the same, and no two breaths are ever the same. When we're able to approach our practice and specifically sun salutations this way, a whole new yoga world opens up. Even when you feel that you can do a sun salutation in your sleep, remember there is "never nothing going on." You might be surprised at what you'll learn if you pay close attention.


Sarah said...

I heart this post.

Holli said...

I am so glad you posted this today--it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much!!!!