Friday, January 04, 2008

yoga books and burn

You know you have a lot of yoga books when:

*Your husband mistakenly "returns" a brand spankin' new yoga book to the library. His answer, "How was I to know? You buy yoga books, check them out from the library and borrow them from friends and they're scattered all over the house?" Oh, good point.
*Along those same lines....You have yoga books in your craft room, yoga room, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom and your box car. Oh wait, there's even a yoga book or two in the guest rooms, just in case our visitors want to do a little bit of yoga in the morning.
*When you have to buy the same yoga book that you already have.... somewhere, in one of those spaces mentioned above. Or your husband "returned" it to the library. ;-) Too many books, or not enough organization. You decide.
On a totally different note...I have my very first yoga wound. It's been around a little bit of time. Before Andy and I went to DC, I was practicing at the studio. I was in tripod headstand for about 25 loong, slow breaths when I decided to lower my knees down to arms to lift into crow. Well at that point my arms were well past the point of holding all my body weight. I lifted just a tiny bit into crow....then I crashed down, landing on my elbow, side of my face and somehow my right knee. I assessed myself happy that I felt fine. Later than day I noticed a burning sensation on my knee. I took a look and sure enough, I have sticky mat burn. I'm officially a yoga warrior now.

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