Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love this picture. Sadly, it's not one that I have taken (but boy I wish I had)! If you come to the studio you've probably seen it in fliers and maybe in an ad while flipping through a local publication. It sums up how I feel these days....joyous, excited and open to life. In a single word, I am grateful. I've been so super busy since the day after Andy and I got home for DC. Day after day, going, running, planning, prepping, pondering, teaching, practicing. It's a busy time. But I say it over and over again. When it's something that you Love (with a capital L) it's much different. So here's my "grateful" list....

Grateful for the intensity of the days.

Grateful to see people learning to teach yoga.

Grateful to have a husband that supports me in my sometimes crazed yoga life.

Grateful to go to San Francisco this weekend for a yoga conference. And that's it's actually "work".

Grateful to have support in other yoga teachers that are dear sweet souls and friends.

Grateful to share yoga with people for the first time ever.

Grateful for inspiring words and books.

Grateful for the simple pleasures like drinking coffee and writing in a journal.

Grateful to dream about faraway places like India. And know that the dream will turn into a reality.

Grateful to have dogs that greet me late in day with such big, great enthusiasm.

Grateful to know that there are others out there that care as much as I do about making a difference, living a life full of joy and passion.

What's on your grateful list?


Sarah said...

Yay! I just blogged on my blog about the same thing, yesterday!
See you tonight. Bringing a new person to the studio with me. So fun to share yoga with others.

irene said...

SF for the weekend! Its a wonderful place to work. Any time to sneak in a visit to wine country?
I too am grateful for many things, family & friends, interesting & gratifying work, you and yoga! So many more can't begin to list. So fortunate am I.

bella said...

Today, I am grateful for massage. And laughter. And dance. And my own bed.