Monday, September 22, 2014

inspired action on & off the yoga mat

Sitting here now, in this moment, the sky is a gorgeous, crystal clear, shade of blue. The wind is blowing and I see large and small trees dancing back and forth. Leaves are beginning to fall to the earth. The once vibrant green grass is slowly making it's transition to fall.

And so it is....

The fall season is a beautiful time for both letting go and also taking inspired action. We only have to look to nature to see this. The trees are shedding what isn't necessary for the winter season. Animals are making preparations for hibernating during the winter months.

The yoga practice teaches us how to take inspired action both on and off the yoga mat. Before we go into hibernation mode I want to invite you to think of a project that you identified as important this year. Something you wanted to learn, or get back to. Some inspired change you wanted to make or a new habit you wanted to cultivate. Somewhere along the way, you forgot about this, got off track, or didn't carve out the time (or all the above!).

Grab a piece of paper or your journal and write down a list of action steps you need to take for one project. We explored this exercise at my recent retreat at Shaker Village, using a mind map for the project. 

Speaking of Shaker Village, look at what a beautiful weekend we shared::
I just adore my retreat at Shaker Village and if you missed this one, good news......I've got one scheduled for January. Hello New Year! Details will be coming soon.

Other ways you can connect to the energy and rhythm of the fall season::
  • Focus your attention more on your exhalations.
  • Spend some time decluttering around your house or office space.
  • Make a list of "things" you want to let go of. This can include people, habits and experiences.
  • Do a yoga practice that is grounded with a slow and steady flow.
  • Spend five minutes in a seated forward fold.
  • Drink lots of hot liquids.
  • Attend our deep peace restorative yoga workshop on Friday!
Sending a big smile and refreshing breaths to you. May your day unfold with beauty and ease.

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