Tuesday, February 08, 2011

what fuels your fire?

This past Saturday I took a workshop (hoorrahh!)at Open Heart Yoga. Open Heart Yoga is housed out of the Unitarian Church on Clays Mill Rd. and ran by the lovely Whitney Rubinson. The setting and the space are reallly amazing. Imagine peacefulness of the woods and a great circular space.

Lori Lyn was the leader of the workshop titled Finding Your Authentic Self. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I was super happy that the timing worked out. I've had a Reiki session with Lori Lyn in the past and knew it would be great.

There was lots of space for discussion and journaling. Here are some of the things I journaled about:

Where I am and where I would love to be in terms of:
*self esteem
*being busy/overwhelmed
*physical health

I wrote about my spiritual source and attempted to write about how other people see me. I was most challenged by this one.

One inquiry that I totally appreciated was identifying energy zappers and the things that feed and fuel my energy. Here is my list:

Energy Zappers
*too much sugar
*cluttered house
*being cold/cold weather
*staying up too late
*some people
*not having enough quiet time

Fuels My Energy
*green juices
*whole foods
*doing yoga
*being in nature
*going to bed early with Andy
*elevating/helping other people
*listening to music
*hanging at a coffee shop
*being with friends
*dreaming (I even have "hope notes" scattered around the Big Blue House. Above photo is in guest bathroom)

Ironic that as I type this I'm not feeling well. This year has hit the Tessandori's hard with yuck. It's looked something like this:

Andy sick
Sharon sick
Andy gets cold sore
Sharon gets cold core
Andy sick
Sharon sick
Andy gets cold sore (I noticed this as we woke and lay in bed. My cold sore is just now disappearing and I say, "crap, you're gettin a blister..."

We're sorta a sorry bunch. ;)

Would love to hear what zaps your energy and what fuels your fire.

PS - And for you friends....I'll see you in the Light..

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