Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 steps to blend mind and body

Greetings Friends,
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring like weather today in Kentucky! It's so very good for the soul. I wanted to take just a moment and share something I find super helpful in yoga on and off the mat. I think it perfectly blends our studio themes for January and February, which are Intention and Attention.

I have an process that I follow when I identify a clear goal/hope/intention/sankalpa. I can't take credit for it as it is a mindfulness based practice. It's so wonderful I wanted to share it with you today.

Here are the three steps:

1. Set an intention
2. Follow through with an action
3. Observe what occurs

You can try this easily with a daily activity. Let's say your intention is to joyfully prepare a delicious, nutritious meal for your family. What are the actions you need to take to prepare a wholesome meal? What needs to happen for you to feel more joyful in preparing the meal? Once you are in the process of making the meal stay present. Notice how your feet feel on the ground, observe the sounds of chopping veggies, breathe in the aromas. Observe how this whole process feels.

This is one of the techniques we'll be exploring at this month's workshop focusing on Attention. It's this coming Saturday from 12:00 - 4:00. Would love to have you present!

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