Wednesday, December 02, 2009

hello december

[Warning: This is one of those completely random and odd blog posts where nothing appears to relate. But, here we go!]

I'm feeling pretty happy about the arrival of December! Good stuff going on and coming up!

Here are the upcoming goodies at the studio:

Barefoot Works Holiday Party
Sunday, Dec. 6
Noon - 2:00
Join us for food, fun, henna, massage, craft, yoga dance, and more! Bring a vegetarian dish if you'd like to share.

Donations accepted for FLorence Crittenton Home.

Ask the Yoga Therapist
Saturday, Dec. 12
10:40 - 12:30
Schedule your 15 minute session at the studio. Donations accepted for FLorence Crittenton Home.

Breathing Through the Holidays
with Anita Courtney
Sunday December 13
2:00 - 4:00, $25

Community Yoga
Sunday December 20
4:00 - 5:00

New Year's Yoga Retreat
with Sharon Tessandori
Saturday, January 2
11:00 - 8:00 pm

Good stuff. Good times. For certain.

Other studio and yoga news:

Emily only has one more Tuesday class before she has to give it up due to school and a bunch of other adult stuff. Makes me very sad. But the good news is that she'll stay on the Saturday rotation and start teaching the community yoga class in Jan.

Teaching training is filling up so very nicely this year! I keep getting phone calls, applications, and inquiries from people. I loooovvve teacher training. Can't wait for the fun times to begin.

As the temperature drop outside and we start to cuddle in and cozy up for the winter season....don't forget about Tulum. Yoga and Tulum. Tulum and Yoga. And get this....airfare is still super cheap. I just checked delta and they have the direct flight for $290! Yep, that's right...

This isn't studio news but it's exciting yoga news. Two of the people I trained in Hazard this fall have started their very own yoga operation in Whitesbug. North Fork Yoga. Super cool. The seeds are planted. And I can't wait to see yoga growing in eastern KY.

Sue Jones presented at the KASAP conference this week. Luckily for me we have a darlin' student at the studio who informed me of this (you rock Addie!) and the KASAP people were so sweet to let me in on the yoga action. Anyway I was so inspired by Sue and her bravery in sharing her real, raw and authentic story about what motivated her to found yogaHope. Super inspired about the power of yoga and how it helps all of us to grow and to heal. And super excited to spend some time thinking about our very own yoga programming over at Florence Crittenton Home. I'm feeling really drawn to service these days. It feels so good for my soul.

Still thinking a lot about mindfulness. And using the breath to create space in all ways possible. And about contemplation and action and how they go together. And how we need to share our stories. And the ways in which we're connected.

Exciting news at the Tessandori casa!

Andy and I bought tickets to see Bon Jovi April 15 in Atlanta! Yippy! Love it when you know exactly what you want for Christmas, glide up the stairs to purchase two tickets while listening to the new cd. Happy holidays to me. :)

We also went and purchased a tree on Friday. That's Andy with our pretty tree stuffed into the box (car). We'll be gone the whole week of Christmas as we're traveling to Texas to spend with Andy's sis and the little ones. We decided not to drag all the decorations down. Opting only to decorate the mantle and create a wish tree instead of a christmas tree this year. So much fun to do something different!

Spanish! I had a breakthrough during my lesson this past Sunday. Jessica is such a kind, patient, and passionate teacher. We actually had a conversation about our families in Spanish. It was a really slow Spanish conversation. But was Spanish darn it!

Alright I think that concludes the random hello december blog post. Adios!


Crystal said...

I love random hello december post. Yay!

Sharon Tessandori said...

So glad to hear!