Thursday, December 03, 2009

being flexible

So I was all set for what I wanted to blog about tonight....challenges and cheers of the day. But I'm going to be flexible here. I was doing a little blog reading just now and ran across the best of 2009 blog challenge and decided I must write about my best trip in 2009.

I've had some great trips this year...three to Mexico, two to Asheville area, one big trip with Andy and friends, Yellowsprings, and such. But the one that comes to mind almost immediately as standing out the most is....

The trip to Mexico with my brother and sister. It was my fave for a variety of reasons. But when you combine two of my favorite people and my most favorite place, it's bound to make for a pretty sweet trip.

And we went on Jan. 1. Really, greeting the new year in sunny, tropical Mexico....doesn't get much better than that. I got to plan and plot out my year on the beach. I got to explore the little island of Isla Mujeres on a golf cart. I got to see my sister laughing more than I had in a long time. I got to take walks on the beach with my brother. And sweat with him in the sweat lodge. We got massages in the jungle. And played in the sea. I got to be present as my sister took her first flight. And listen to her speak her first Spanish words...grande por favor (hehe). We ate tons of delicious meals. And my sister was preggers with little cutey Zoey.

It was delightful. And heavenly. And we felt oh so lucky and blessed to be on the beach. Riviera Maya is a long way away from the head of a holler in eastern Kentucky. We relished every moment. Reveling in our good fortune to share seven days together as adults sharing a family vacation. No fighting. Only laughing. Loving. Reminiscing.

So that is my fondest, most memorable trip of 2009. What about yours? Would love to hear.


Crystal said...

Oooh... The best 2009 blog challenge looks fun. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mia said...

Love reading about your travels, Sharon! I am travelling vicariously through you :) I must say, I did love my solo road trip to Asheville, NC this spring... stayed at a charming B&B, ate wonderful food, and surrounded myself with nature. I'd love a sequel to that trip. :)

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