Monday, November 18, 2013

on gratitude

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired enough to sit down, put fingers to the keyboard and write. I can honestly say this is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt joy and excitement in sitting down and do this work, to use my words and my writing as a teaching tool.

And today I do.

This feels huge. I’ve been writing less this year as I’ve settled into a pregnancy after loss. I have to add the “loss” part because it changed everything single thing for me. Now that babe is safely here (and over six weeks old) and I’ve given myself time and permission just to “be”, I feel a new surge of creative energy coming on. Maybe it’s the sleep I’ve gotten over the past two nights, but here I am feeling inspired, and excited to connect with you beloved yogis.

It’s my plan to get back to writing and connecting with you regularly in this format, in a way that serves you, that adds something to your life. And I’m pretty sure I can do that. I’ve decided that each month I’ll label each newsletter as an “issue”. I was inspired by a friend and mentor just yesterday when I received her newsletter and it was titled “The Working Mom Isssue”. I woke up this morning and just knew I wanted to play around with this idea.

So here’s goes……The Gratitude Issue

The gratitude issue. I know, I's so cliché with it being November and all. Yet even with all the posts about gratitude on Facebook, I simply can't resist the way this time of year does do something to open and soften my heart just a wee bit more.

I'm reminded of the good in people.

I can more easily connect to possibilities.

I more actively seek beauty.

I'm more open to share my appreciation. 

I can be with all that feels beautiful and hard and still have faith that I'm being guided in a most perfect way.

Last night I was reading the latest issue of Oprah when I flipped to the very back page to read my favorite part of the magazine. Oprah mentions that she was having a messy, tear-filled conversation with her friend and mentor Maya Angelou when Maya stopped her mid-sentence and said::

"Say 'thank you' right now. Because your faith is so strong you already know God put a rainbow in every cloud." 

And my heart whispered "yes." A rainbow in every cloud....I believe that wholeheartedly. 

This has been a large part of my gratitude practice over the last year. It hasn't been easy to be grateful, to express my appreciation, to have faith that good things will come, to trust in the rainbow after the storm.

Then my daughter was born and it changed everything.

It wasn't an easy labor and delivery. And when she was only ten days old I was in the emergency room then back in the hospital. It has not been without struggle and lots of tears. I have been tested, stretched more than ever before, and today I am practicing saying...."Thank you."

Thank you for my perfectly healthy and radiant baby.

Thank you for a husband that has done his fair share and then some.

Thank you for beautiful family and friends that nurtured my baby when it felt impossible for me to do so.

Thank you my beloved treehouse teachers and students.

Thank you for the gifts that have made it such a joy to dress Everly Jo and made it easier to care for her.

Thank you for the food delivered that nurtured us so.

Thank you western medicine and health care professionals.

Thank you for a perfectly timed day of sunshine and milder temperatures.

Thank you wisdom of Yoga.

Thank you my friend and teacher, my precious breath.

Thank you poetry and beautiful words.

Thank you body, while imperfect, you still know what to do to heal. 

I could go and on expressing my thanks and gratitude when I actively seek what is good and holy, even when life feels chaotic and hard.

For this is how I can learn and grow without closing my heart.

What does gratitude look and feel like for you today?

Has it been easy or a challenge to express gratitude?

What are your favorite ways to practice gratitude?

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And to You::
For being here, whether physically or energetically, I am eternally grateful and humbled. Your presence truly makes a difference to me, in so many ways.

I'm so excited to be back at the treehouse on Thanksgiving day, teaching my favorite class of the entire year. I'll have baby Everly (and Andy) with me, so please come meet my miracle baby and greet the day by moving your body, savoring your breath, and yes, expressing gratitude for all that is beautiful, good, and holy.

With love & appreciation,

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