Monday, May 20, 2013

this unfolding journey

Good Monday morning Friends....I'm delighted to share this blog post with you written by our new college graduate, Meredith Swim. I hope you're as inspired by her as I am. Keep rocking this thing called Life, Meredith. xo, sharon

Hello Blog Travelers!

I am writing this post as a college graduate! Hurray! As the graduation celebrations have drawn to an end I have found myself in a transitional phase. My yoga practice is an absolutely essential part of my day as I breathe my way through ambiguity and begin to shape my post-grad plan.

My inner poet articulates this yoga relationship a bit more fluidly…

Unrolling the yoga mat is part of this unfolding journey.
Vinyasa flow from one stage to another
with child poses and conscious breaths
to ease the rough in-betweens.
Diving into my downdog with delight in the desire
to re-discover the wisdom planted in my feet and the advice waiting to be given from the stretch in my hamstrings.
I’m backbending to open my heart
and see what passions dwell inside.
Breathing-in so I can hear
the true voice that speaks so very quietly at times,
and exhaling to release the crowd shouting out advice.
Re-affirming that we all have our own journeys and we all have different paths destined to take
Comparing and contrasting causes too much tension in my shoulder blades.
In half-moons I reach up for the stars, thinking of future destinations and ambitions achieved, but if my drishti is too focused in the future,
I lose the moment and forget to breathe.
In savasana I surrender to the Earth
and let Her hold me.
I let go, again and again, and again.
The mat pardons my repeated mistake in thinking that I have to be so much more than whatever this breath or moment asks me to be.
A quiet forgiveness emerges as I settle into my skin, realizing this post-grad moment, with all its questions, insecurities, and dreams, is the exact place I need to be.
A vinyasa or two, child poses in-between and a few swan dives to stretch my wings reclaims the Center I am so eagerly seeking.
A Namaste blesses the rest of the day and I step off my mat with to graciously embrace the day.

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Mia (Savor Everyday) said...

I love, love, LOVE this. Beautiful, Meredith!

Can I ask your permission to quote this poem in class?? With credit to you of course :)